Please read below to determine if a National Storm Contractors Association membership is a fit for your organization

The National Storm Contractors Association is an organization that aims to bridge the gap between storm victims and reputable storm restoration experts. Every year, severe weather in the United States has significant impacts on homes, businesses and vehicles.

The National Storm Contractors Association (NSCA) is comprised of severe weather researchers/storm chasers and meteorologists working together with proven reputable storm restoration solutions across the United States. We are currently seeking to expand our network to be able to offer a reputable solution to storm victims when we encounter a damage path.

Until now, storm chasers and severe weather researchers that get inside severe weather damage paths have not had a way to offer a way forward for a storm victim to get the restoration process started. In most cases it is not the storm itself that causes the most hassle, it is the process following that catches many storm victims off guard.

This is why we are working to develop an organization that we can network storm chasers with local reputable solutions for the damaged area. We are engaging in extensive research to ensure we are networking with the best reputable solution for storm victims.

Meteorologists and Storm Chasers working together with reputable storm restoration experts creates an environment where both can learn from each other while promoting the best solutions for storm victims.

The National Storm Contractors Association is seeking quality restoration experts over quantity. The objective is to create a unique organization that engages in severe weather research while assisting storm victims in the restoration process. With that in mind, members we network with will simply not just pay an admission fee and then be part of the National Storm Contractors Association.

Extensive research into each potential member will take place which will include the following:
- Complete search of social media outlets
- Investigation into local news outlets
- Confirmation of applicable licenses & any other avenues available to determine a reputable status.

If your organization aims at providing quality restoration service and has a reputation of excellence after a severe weather event impacts your service area, please consider joining our National Storm Contractor Association!

If your organization has an interest in joining the National Storm Contractors Association, please complete the form below. Once we have received your submission, we will review and reach out to the contact information that is specified.